The Onion: Live at Notre Dame

As the 2016 election proves to be one of the most interesting in our nation's history, satire has never played a more vital role than it does today. Members of the esteemed Onion writing staff will offer insight into the importance of satire and explain how their award-winning content is generated, vetted, and in the end, read all over the world.

Marnie Shure - Deputy Managing Editor, The Onion
Marnie Shure is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area and serves as deputy managing editor for The Onion. She joined America’s Finest News Source in 2012 and has spent every hour since then crafting this intricate biography. If you’d like a bio of your own, Shure is also a ghostwriter-for-hire.

Katy Yeiser - Staff Writer, The Onion
Katy Yeiser is a Kentucky native who started working for Onion, Inc. in 2012 as a writers’ assistant for The Onion News Network. In her current role at The Onion as video writer and director, she has had the pleasure of working with Brad Pitt, Annette Bening, Daniel Day Lewis, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Halle Berry, among many other of Hollywood's biggest film stars.

November 3