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Every Thursday at 10pm in the Hagerty Family Cafe in the Duncan Student Center!

Acousticafe is a relaxed, live performance opportunity for all Notre Dame students. Performers are given the chance to experience what an intimate performance with an audience and honest-to-goodness sound equipment actually feels like. Every Thursday night from 10 to 11 pm in the Duncan Student Center, four fifteen-minute sets are planned in order to show off the talent that exists both on and off of Notre Dame’s campus. From heartfelt ballads to hardcore rock songs, every student has the opportunity to entertain friends and strangers alike. Even students without musical talent can perform; we welcome comedians and poets to make us laugh or cry. There is no other opportunity like this on campus, and that is why it is a must do for every student before they graduate.

For questions regarding AcoustiCafé or if you’d like to sign up to perform, please contact Elizabeth Soller ( or fill out the form below.

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